1.Meet the girls once a week
2.Call or write to the ones I didn’t get to meet
3.Call my grandma every week
4.Make a cake for my bf’s birthday
5.Do 5 random acts of kindness
6.Send Christmas cards every year
7.Get a really nice gift for my mom’s birthday (being a university student and not having a job
didn’t allow me to spend much money on presents)
8.Get a really nice gift for my dad’s birthday (completed 15 Oct. ’09)
9.Get a really nice gift for my grandma’s birthday
10.Send something nice to my cousin in the US
11.Donate blood
12.Give a gift “just because”
13.Take my little niece to the kids theater
14.Have my niece visit me once every three months
15.Find people for my 100 strangers project
16.Surprise a friend with a homemade dessert
17.Make 5 new friends
18.Send something fun to someone
19.Get to know 2 Bulgarian Etsy sellers

20.Sleep for no more or less than 8hrs a day
21.Work out at the gym at least once a week
22.Go to tae-bo workout once a week
23.Eat healthy
24.Read a whole book in English
25.Learn Italian
26.Read all of Ayn Rand’s books issued in my country (The Fountainhead,)
27.Read a book a month
28.Learn to play a musical instrument (or at least try)
29.Do my nails every week (I don’t usually use nail polish)
30.Stop using plastic bags and start using totes instead
31.Learn to swim (I’m terrified!)
32.Buy only locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables
33.Not eat potatoes for a week every month
34.Repaint my flat (1/2 done)
35.Learn how to add a button on my blog
36.Go to the library
37.Not eat out more than twice a week for 3 months ( 2 weeks)

38.Change the name on my bills (they still come with the name of the previous owner on them)
39.Get separate wastebaskets for easier recycling
40.Spend no more than 2hrs a day on the Internet
41.Keep a journal
42.Keep track of my friends and family’s birthdays
43.Organize my laptop before starting uni
44.Blog 5 times a week for 3 months
45.Frame some art (1/2 done)
46.Get a new inspiration board
47.Subscribe for two magazines I buy every month
48.Record CDs with my pictures and organize them
49.Answer to emails right away or no later than a day
50.Pay bills on time

51.Start my own business
52.Open an Etsy shop
53.Attend good lectures and workshops as often as possible
54.Learn to work better with 3ds max
55.Learn to work better with Photoshop
56.Design my twitter background (completed 3 Sept. ’09)
57.Take 50 good photos and make a coffee table book
58.Get a photo published
59.Get a job in my field (architecture, interior design)

60.Host a giveaway on my blog
61.Go to my basement (I’ve been living in my apartment for a year now and haven’t been there yet)
62.Go hiking
63.Go on a picnic
64.Make a treasury
65.Have over 200 followers
66.Go to a movie by myself
67.Plant a tree
68.Go to a famous location in Bulgaria
69.Make a fancy dinner
70.Go to Paris/Barcelona or Venice
71.Go out with friends twice a month
72.Get a Polaroid camera (Christmas ’09)
73.Make cupcakes (successfully)
74.Make chocolate cookies
75.Buy fresh flowers once a month (January)
76.Go to a gallery exhibition once a month
77.Take part in a snowball fight
78.Make a snowman
79.Sing at a karaoke
80.Go to a good concert once a year
81.Ride a horse
82.Host a party
83.Have a pajama party with the girls
84.Go to Sozopol
85.See what my voice sounds with helium (never tried it:)
86.Try out 20 new recipes (3/20 Peach and Apple Crumble; Spinach Muffins; Chicken with Mayonaise)
87.Try 5 different foods I’ve never tried before (1/5 Green Bean)
88.Travel by train somewhere abroad
89.Go watch football
90.Play paintball
91.Visit a winery with my bf
92.Drive a car (I got a license 4 years ago and haven’t driven a car since)
93.Visit the Belogradchik Rocks
94.Go to the theater once every two months (17 Oct.)
95.Go to the opera
96.Go to the ballet
97.Go listen to a cool band performing live (16 Oct. ’09 – Dirty Purchase & Amalia)
98.Touch a snake (disgusting!)
99.Create something on canvas
100.Learn to play poker better
101.Put aside $5 for every task completed