Looking to go low impact for your workouts? Here’s why you should.

#1 It’s easy on the joints:
Obviously, the number one reason why anyone would want to go low impact is for the sake of their joints. Jumping and running and other high impact moves can do a number on your joints, regardless of your age. So, whether you already suffer from mobility issues, arthritis, joint pain, or not, opting for a low impact workout will help preserve your mobility and promote pain-free living.

#2 It builds strength and endurance:
A low impact workout doesn’t equal an easy workout. With a low impact workout, you’re going to be doing more resistance moves, which helps you build up strength overtime. Plus, low impact workouts generally have you working out for longer periods, allowing you to build up endurance. This isn’t to say that low impact means low intensity. It’s just that low impact workouts are usually able to be carried out over longer periods–like swimming and bicycling.

#3 It’s easier to get started:
Low impact doesn’t have to be low intensity–but it can be when you want it to be! That’s what’s so great about low impact workouts. They are super flexible and welcoming, regardless of your current ability level. If you are obese or haven’t worked out in a long time, you definitely need to get into a low impact routine. Not only will it make you feel better by not stressing your joints, it will also be easier for you to get into it.

Just think: it’s easier to start a low impact activity like walking than it is to jump into a high impact activity, like running or jumping jacks. High impact activities are always high (or, at the very least, moderate) intensity, but low impact activities can be low, moderate, or high intensity to suit your needs.

#4 It’s super flexible:
Low impact activities also adapt to you overtime. For instance, you can get into cycling with a slow, flat pedal across the park and eventually add in new terrain and steeper incline to increase difficulty. Low impact workouts are some of the most flexible and adaptable of them all. You’re in total and complete control of how fast you go, how much effort you have to put in, and ultimately: the results you’re able to get out.