Burst training involves doing extremely intense exercises for a very short period of time and then doing some light exercise to recuperate in between bursts. One of the nice things about burst training is that it is very easy to do in your home. You just need the right type of exercise that doesn’t require you to move very much (so sprinting is out of the equation). So, here are 4 ideas for good burst training regimens that you can do in your home.

Burpees are a very hard exercise to do (ask anyone who had to do them in gym class growing up). They require you to engage both your arm and your leg muscles in rapid succession. This makes them a perfect candidate for a burst training session. Do a large set of burpees (around 30), and then do some light exercise like running in places. You can also pair the burpees with pushups for some added exercise.

Mountain Climbing:
Another tough, but easy to do at home exercise is mountain climbing. Basically, you bend over and put your hands in front of you. Then, you start to move your legs up and down, sort of like you are trying to climb a steep hill or mountain. This doesn’t sound tough at first, but it really exercises the leg muscles and the glutes. Plus, it doesn’t require any equipment. Pair it with another exercise (preferably one that tackles the upper body), and you have a good, high-intensity burst training regimen.

Bicycle Crunches:
Regular crunches are good, but they aren’t quite intense enough for burst training. This is why bicycle crunches are recommended instead. Bicycle crunches require you to lay flat on your back (like with regular crunches) and then pedal your legs quickly like you are riding a bicycle. This works out your core and a bunch of different leg muscles. It is also very intense. Doing bicycle crunches for 60-seconds, and then following it up with something light like lunges and you have a very effective burst training routine.

You can’t go wrong with squats. When done at a rapid pace (and possibly with a weight or a kettlebell for added resistance), squats can be a great, high-intensity exercise. Try doing squats rapidly for around 45-seconds, and then do some light exercise like jogging in place until the next round of squats. This is effective and it doesn’t require you to have much space either.