When you get older, traditional workouts become a lot harder to do. The risk of injury also goes up drastically. This is why seniors are typically discouraged from doing things like lifting weights, running, etc. However, there are plenty of low impact exercises that seniors can do to keep themselves in shape. These exercises burn calories, burn fat, keep the muscles loose, and they do it without putting a serious strain on the body.

Yoga, Pilates, and aerobics, while all technically different, have enough in common that they can be put under the same subheading. Anyone of these exercises is a great option for seniors because they exercise a bunch of different muscle groups without putting any strain on the body. Pretty much every community center and yoga center out there offers classes for seniors only as well.

Swimming/Aquatic Aerobics:
Swimming and/or aquatic aerobics are a great way for seniors to keep in shape. Even though swimming may seem like really intense exercise, it is surprisingly easy on the body. This is due to the fact that the water reduces the impact of physical movement on your muscles. So, you can swim for hours and not feel really any soreness in your muscles. The same goes for aquatic aerobics. Swimming is also great because it works the vast majority of muscle groups in the body at once.

Walking :
It may seem somewhat obvious, but you would be surprised at how helpful walking can be. A lot of people make the mistake of overlooking walking, but if done at a decent pace, it can end up burning a respectable number of calories. It is also a very easy exercise to supplement. For example, you could walk at a normal pace 75% of the time, but then speed walk for 25% of the time to burn more calories. You can also walk with very light weights to make it a bit more rigorous, while still remaining low impact.

Using an Exercise Bike:
While regular biking might be a bit difficult for some seniors, using an exercise bike is a perfectly good alternative. Most exercise bikes come with very low resistance settings that are great for seniors. An exercise bike lets a senior get a really good cardio workout without putting much strain on their muscles. Exercise bikes also let seniors exercise their leg and calf muscles without risking damage to their bones and leg muscles.