Strength training is an essential part of many people’s workout routines. However, strength training routines are often overcomplicated. To get results, all you need are some body weight moves that target your body’s largest muscle groups. Here’s a look at four exercises that you can complete in 15 minutes.

#1 Squats:
Kick off your routine with squats. They work your butt and legs, but they also target your core and upper body, making them a great all-around move. With your feet wider than your hips, you can squat down as low as possible for a simple squat. Go wider for a sumo squat or bring your knees together for a narrow squat. Try experimenting as you repeat for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest. Cycle this with other moves to create your 15 minute workout. As you progress, incorporate lunges into your squats or hand weights.

#2 Push-Ups:
Possibly people’s least favorite move, there’s a reason why the push-up just won’t disappear. It is highly effective and there are also a thousand variations that can meet the needs of anyone. Weak wrists? Get on your forearms. Weak legs? Try it on your knees. Also try to shape your hands into a diamond, elevate your body, or go wider with your legs to experiment with the different moves.

#3 Plank:
There are variations to the plank too, and while some hate them, planks are easily many people’s favorite move. They deceptive since they require no movement, but there is no doubt you’ll be shaking just a few seconds into a good position. The basic plank has your arms straight with palms on the floor and your legs straight out behind you in the push-up position. Heels should be stacked over ankles and shoulders over hands.

If you can’t hold it, try similar variations as the pushup by getting onto your forearms or dropping onto your knees. Your core will still feel it as you strengthen your entire body.

#4 Rows:
These days, just about everyone has a desk job and with the increasing use of smartphones, we all spend time hunched over. This has led to weakened back muscles, and that’s exactly what this move will work to address. A body weight row will enable you to get better posture and prevent tightness in your upper back and shoulders, making it an all-around great move for your body.