I sat there with your content for 60 minutes today
Attempting to think about a saying to depict you
To adversary your utilization of a dialect I claim to love
be that as it may obviously remain unaware of.
What’s more I presumed that unbelievable is
a terrible reason for absence of vocabulary.
I don’t know whether this is correct;
Be that as it may it harms when I consider you, so it must be, correct?
To be so unsure of where I’m going,
be that as it may to go there on the grounds that I have no decision;
Much the same as when I let you know what I was feeling
since I felt those emotions and I in any event have a voice.
Be that as it may you grinned
Against the greater part of my erred chances
What’s more you took a gander at me.
Your grin could’ve fuelled a thousand planes
what’s more surrounded the world with trust.
Your eyes shined:
A light shaft,
A laser stream,
A super-sun oriented flare.
I thought again at you for a minute,
Ended up lost;
Overlooked I was even there.
Time desires all of us in the long run,
be that as it may in case we’re fortunate, it hands us to individuals like you