A Defaulter’s Confession

One week ago I reading on the text, “Christ came to heal the broken-hearted.” I told you just before I came down that I had received a letter from a broken-hearted wife. Her husband one night came in, to her surprise, and said he was a defaulter and must flee, and he went, she knew not where.

He forsook her and two children. It was a pitiful letter, and the wail of that poor woman seems to ring in my ears yet. That night up in that gallery was a man whose heart began to beat when I told the story, thinking it was him I meant, till I came to the two children. When I got through I found that he had taken money which did not belong to him, intending to replace it, but he failed to do so, and fled. He said: “I have a beautiful wife and three children, but I had to leave her and come to the big city, where I have been hiding. The Governor has offered a reward for me.” My friends, a week ago this poor fellow found out the truth of this text. He was in great agony. He felt as if he could not carry the burden, and he said, ” I want you to pray with me.

Ask God for mercy for me.” And down we went on our knees. I don’t know as I ever felt so bad for a man in my life. He asked me if I thought he should go back. I told him to ask the Lord, and we prayed over it. That was Sunday evening, and I asked him to meet me on the Monday evening. He told how hard it was to go back to that town and give himself up and disgrace his wife and children. They would give him ten years.

Monday came and he met me and said, “Mr. Moody, I have prayed over this matter, and I think that Christ has forgiven me, but I don’t belong to myself. I must go back and give myself up. I expect to be sent to the penitentiary; but I must go.” He asked me to pray for his wife and children, and he went off. He will be there to-day in the hands of justice. My friends, don’t say the way of the transgressor is not hard.

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