a lazy day is full of capability
for an unpaved opportunity
why waste it?
it’s first rate to loosen up
it’s far surely needed every so often
however only for the sake of relaxing
is the worst kind
via all method you simply want to take a seat and suppose now and again
get your life in order and rewind
but just think what you can be lacking out on
the next time you decide to throw the towel in
the extra you do things
the nearer you are
bringing the ones dreams within attain
it’s like a race to the finish line
once in a while you just can’t run
you gotta take it slow and rest a touch while
however after that you bounce back
and power on getting closer to your goals
it’s rare whilst you’ll win a race
but attempt hard and occasionally you gotta study that it wasn’t supposed to be and be given destiny
the fun you’ll discover is inside the effort
the praise is when you actually get it