a rhyme, a rap, a track, a psalm, a rant
all explicit in numerous ways
life levels
because artists increase their minds
each day that they write about vintage or new crazes
artists discover
they’re no longer seers
they utter the words in the sort of way you accept as true with it
it’s magical simply, the depths that they move
displaying you places you by no means go
considering stuff you’ve never acknowledged
misplaced in translation
of theatrical dances and indulgent romances
thinking all of the at the same time as that coining verses may be a laugh
but don’t lose the run

a musical hop, pass, bounce and a beat
song substances the beat
command that step for your feet
flow to the rhythm
sway to the voice within the songs
inform it with trad
sparkle it with soul
jazz all of it night time thru
trance into the morning
rap approximately each day that comes
pop alongside to that disco bar
and finally reggae all night lengthy