• one box fantastic foods humus mix reconstitued with water and prepared
  • 4 eggless eggroll wrappers (you can use regular if it doesn’t bother you.)
  • oil for deepfrying


Slice an eggroll wrapper diagonally. Moisten the longest side and fold in half, crimping the edges together to seal. Put as much hummus in the open pocket as you can. Moisten the top edges and bring the two corners together on top. Seal the pocket completely, crimping with a fork to encase all of the hummus filling. Make 8 packets and lay each one seam side down until you are ready to fry them all.

Heat oil to 425 degrees and quickly fry 4 packets at a time, turning over when one side is browned. (This should take less than 30 seconds.)

Drain all 8 packets on paper towels and serve piping hot. Freeze remaining packets and reheat in nuker or toaster oven.

Serves: 8