The affection crush will have you ever reeling
it’ll eat you up
at the same time as tearing you down
till you’re left with out the feeling

you notice the weigh down is a long way from love
alternatively a scarcity or loss of
some thing pricey
a substitute of types

considering the start of time
it has dragged us to our knees
crushed us till we plead for mercy
yet some by no means examine
now and again thru no fault in their own

that is the drawback of lust
the fantasy crush
for this reputedly uncommon beauty
you’ll pay your duty

many trust the most effective real love
is to create an equaliser
like with like
no upper hand
a real group
just maintain kicking that ball
or you could locate them move off beam
with the preference to play with some other

brief passion is far outweighed
by way of eternal love
however the stressed thoughts
can’t tell the distinction
who prefer to choose the right here and now
like day after today doesn’t exist

the matters we do ordinary
might be wagered
if we didn’t should live
with the outcomes
of an erotic eruption of molten lava

beauty is similar to beastliness
some are prepared to risk the whole lot
to get toward the abyss

do you want to live in
nowadays or tomorrow?
whole uncertainty
or uncertainty of types
one drawing nearer
than the opposite