all excellent things
flames to dust.
fans to friends.
why do all exact matters come an cease?

i walked along the deserted seashore, twilight stretched out in advance of me. it changed into breath-taking, seeing the reflection of the moon on the ocean and the celebrities dancing with the waves. not anything ought to compete with the beauty of nature. not anything.

besides for romance.
as soon as you have it, you may by no means allow it pass. but i had to, fireworks sooner or later ought to burst off sooner or later or any other.

i picked up some sand, letting it run thru my hands. imagining his arms in mine, i let the sand pass. i usually need to persuade myself to forget about about him, however i just can not. he runs miles in my thoughts.
he changed into the boy of my dreams; shaggy jet black locks with cool, grey-blue eyes. he had flawlessly shaped lips and a tiny cleft chin. he gave me that heat, tingly feeling inside every time he smiled. i seemed past his best seems due to the fact i was skeptical about him. he let me peer internal of his heart and i used to be amazed. he changed into sweet, kind, humble, charming, and very flirtatious. interior of that prankster mind of his, there was a die-difficult romantic, usually looking to make you smile. love couldn’t even describe what we had.

i don’t forget it like the previous day, while he allow me go. even when he promised he would not. my heart stopped operating the way it used to. i never allow him pass although. there is not a time or vicinity when I can’t forestall considering him. now not even here, where on this very seaside, that it passed off. heartbreak.

i stared at him, as he splashed thru the freezing water, with a giddy appearance on his terrifi face. i had refused to go into the water, however what the heck. i bumped into the water, jumping and wrapped my hands around his waist. he flinched at my contact, now not organized for my arms to be round him, and gave me a undergo hug with a gentle kiss on my cheek. we persevered to stroll along the water, hand in hand, our heads beneath 1,000,000 guardians. when we reached the cease of the seaside, i stopped him before we might move into the town. i appeared up at him, instantly into his eyes and whispered, “i really like you.”
i wrapped my palms round his neck and kissed him softly. he pulled away fast… and failed to say anything.
i looked at him with a glow in my eyes and anxiety. he broke his touch with me and endured to stroll, anticipating me to follow him. while he didn’t pay attention my footsteps, he stopped and grew to become round.
“i still need a solution, do you love me like i like you?” i mumbled.
he ran as much as me and more or less kissed me. he appeared back into my eyes and stated with a hint of untruthfulness, “i like you aubrey nicole. don’t you ever forget about that.”
i took away my eyes from his, trying no longer to break down and sob. i ought to still feel his lovely, piercing eyes on my face as a tear ran down, “you don’t love me anymore. i know you drew. while you say i like you, you have got warmth to your voice, now not coldness. what did i do to make you now not love me?”
he lifted my chin and embraced me into a hug. he held my hands and said, “bree, you did not do some thing. please do not suppose that its your fault, when honestly its mine. i don’t sense the equal sparks we had earlier than. its like my heart has stopped loving you. i need to will let you cross and circulate on.”
i snatched my arms away from his and started out to sob. losing to my knees and clenching my heart, i said via my tears, “you promised me you’d by no means permit me go. what passed off to that? you stated forever and always.”
he didn’t say some thing, just crouched down and kissed my cheek. “i am sorry”, he whispered and walked away.

i wiped my eyes, now not figuring out my cheeks have been now stained with salt water and tears.that changed into 2 years ago, when life changed into easier and better. i had stopped taking walks, simply watching the guardians above my head and then on the waves. no longer thinking about anything, i bumped into them. splashing around, i looked loopy gambling inside the bloodless summer season ocean however i felt loose. i felt like the waves were sporting away my concerns and mind. then drew flashed returned into my mind and that i broke down once more. all at once stopping, i allow the waves crash against my faded legs as i weeped. my face became in my palms, drenching them and my fingers. however i failed to care, i just wanted to forget about him, i wanted to move again to while we have been in love. however that could not show up.
i stored care freely on foot along the beach, my fingers wrapped around my chest and my hair sticking to my cheeks. i stored listening to my name over and over once more, but i failed to hassle about searching lower back. nobody understood what i was going thru. in a heartbeat my thoughts have been interrupted, while hands wrapped round my waist. i failed to look behind me, afraid to who it is able to be, when his familiar voice spoke out.
“bree, i am so sorry. i failed to recognize then however i do now. i can not live without you. i really like you.”
i turned round and appeared drew straight into his blue orbs, “thats all you had to say to get me back.”
his smiled with tears in his eyes. i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with all the strength my coronary heart had. “i love you too.”
“please do not leave me, not once more.”
“never once more, in 1,000,000 years.”
i kissed him once more and grabbed his hand. we persevered to stroll down the seaside like we did 2 years ago and now not once, did i appearance again at the guardians. i just smiled.