An hidden angel

An hidden angel
a splendor so divine
an ever-enduring smile
a beautiful soul.

most of these describe you the best
you are distinct from the relaxation!
we all are your very large fan
you’re our beloved buddy
youcome in the elegance with glamour and sheen
and lock the door by means of 9-fifteen

you come all prepared for the class
and the time runs out sooo damn speedy
it’s a marvel how “you” manage so well
perhaps it’s your smile that takes you a ways

or maybe your cheerful nature
or the stunning soul within “you
your captivating seems calm us down
each phrase you talk is worth giving a crown
you help us when we are burdened and full of doubt
you smile at us and ease us out

you contact the soul inside us
and make us experience oh so special
every moment spent with “you” is always a pride
which we’ll for all time treasure
all of the days spent with “you” ma’am, have changed our lives
have made us a better friend
a higher daughter and a higher human
and feature given us a very memorable bankruptcy of our existence

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