QuestionmarkWe can see, anyone of us, every human being, some more and some less, are looking for a structured, Balanced and Healthy life, looking for meaningful human life, searching for Meaning of life in so many and different ways, according to mode of nature, which presently predominate in our mind. Concept of meaningful life very much related with mode of goodness in our mind, in or day-to-day life.

We are human beings and we are born free. Since we have the freedom to choose, what we will do with our human life? As Viktor Frankyl  [external link] said, “The greatest of all human freedoms is the freedom to choose in any given set of circumstances”. We have freedom to choose, accordingly to our meaning of life, what kind of association we want. Otherwise, there is not so much freedom to choose between our past: birth place, parents, past actions, past misdeed etc. All of us to some extend can choose our present associations, people and contacts, with making more relevant impact on our lives. Because human beings are social creatures, according to these our present physical and emotional associations, we will choose accordingly: culture, habits, desires, occupation, entertainment, living place, spiritual practises, daily routine, drinks, food, environment, books, hear and dress style etc etc etc. These our association will increase our decrees certain modes of nature in our mind, in our Personal Development, in our whole life.

Depending of our present conscious and voluntary choice about our associations, our life will be more and more direct:

Towards stronger and stronger drive for sex enjoyments, drive for intoxications, drive for gross senses enjoyments. There are some Personal Development schools and spiritual practises, who teach us, how we can enjoy more nicely and in this ways we for some time can thing, “I so highly advance and develop, because I can enjoy so nicely sex enjoyment and many others gross senses enjoyments. I am so highly develop now.” In this direction, for some time, we can have so call “fun and joy” in our life until it will naturally end up with broken heart and relationships, emptiness and deep, dark depression.

Towards stronger and stronger drive for certain status, fame, influential position in life. If we following this direction in our lives, during course of time, it will bring more and more frustration in our life. As Viktor Frankl said very clearly, even if, by great endower, we will get some influential position in our life, some status, sooner or later we will going to lose it, because we will not be able to keep up this status. Because other around us are looking for this same “enjoyer” position, and will pull as down. Do not much mater, who much we are successful in regards of high status in our life, we will going to lose it and frustration will be there.

Towards stronger and stronger drive for the meaningful human life. Searching for Meaning of life, for structured and regulated life, for Balanced and Healthy life, ultimately we will attend happiness, blissfulness and knowledge forever.

These three different paths of self-development was described in different ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, scientific and non-scientific, old and new etc Personals Development schools and spiritual practises. Superficially, we can say, there are three different path of Personal Development. We hope, now we can clearly see by our own self, ultimately there is only one path of Personal Development – cultivating in our body, mind, words, day-to-day life natural mode of goodness, which led us to happiness, blissfulness and knowledge forever. As we can see in this article “The Scientific base of Personal Development”, two other path led as to frustration and deep, dark depression. Looks like, these other two paths of Personal Development in modes of passion and ignorance, in truce since, we cannot really call Personal Development.

We are really free to choose by our self meaningful life, Balanced and Healthy life, happy, blissful and knowledge life forever.

Part of whole our article: The Scientific base of Personal Development

Your ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
5 Apr 2011 –