At the dirt will accept some time
at the least some would really like to skinny.
or be caused accept as true with
by using the lies exceeded on through time
each fact is a lie once the instant has passed
for no witness most effective the omniscient may want to testify it as truth
records is encyclopedic

it could frighten us at a look and even with deeper inspection
it may throttle you
but with a clean attention or aim in thoughts
from the tactical to the strategic
in case you understand the alpha-numeric device
and the collective letters you’ve got in mind
you may pin down whatever image, or applicable thing
clings to, and insatiates your thirst for know-how
be sure to nook the relevant expert
in your cobweb

that captures and filters information like a dreamcatcher
best you can rival a seek engine
the usage of the very senses you were loaned
use them accurately at the same time as that egg timer looks like it is on keep
parent it out, some thing it’s miles that you locate is devouring your existence
if you could’t, don’t just permit it lie
it’s well worth exploring, inevitably this course can lead to the unknown
creatures of fact and dependancy in a global that appears complete of uncertainty

we are able to pretty much cope with the world because it stands
but many preference to alternate it and make their mark
break far from the mould that fashioned them
in the wish that life can also in a few manner trade for them
could you blame them?
in case you sense you’ve nothing to lose
could you probable even advantage in some manner from it?
existence we want to agree with is lotto-like
our numbers are earned thru graft and a hard lengthy fight
with sheer luck and determination

we’ll win that warfare in our hearts and minds
however while we obtain all that we preference
what’s left but to bypass on this right to the blood we contrived
the lies or truths, the passage of time,
the lost dreams and desires
all encapsulated and trapped forever
in the time we discovered ourselves to be alive
you can’t cover in enclosed spaces of
the start and the end
you may only try to shield the very factor you came to accept as true with it