Attending to the truth of You: 55 questions to Ask of yourself

We all are working on something to better our minds, spirit and soul. everybody have something that we want to “rid” ourselves of. but, now and again, we don’t understand a way to pass approximately “fixing” that some thing that “rattles the mind” and “unsettles” the soul. a number of us are lucky sufficient to hire the offerings of a professional counselor or therapist to help, some of us chat with relied on pals or family while a number of us favor to delve into a e book and with any luck discover the answers inside the pages.
but, there are some of us, who understand “we’ve issues” that are troubling as they purpose strife and war within ourselves and with others. We want to “deep dive” into our hearts and produce to floor “a long time of antique stuff” that forestalls us from living a totally fulfilled existence, however, we pick the non-public method.

In case you are the kind of character who prefers to sit alone with a listing of questions and may be definitely honest with your self, then the questions beneath will help for your quest to find what prevents you from discarding the beyond and developing greater opportunities for a much different “proper now.”
There are 55 questions watching for your sincere solutions. you could begin with the first query or the ultimate. It’s up to you. The most effective requirement is that you be absolutely honest. those answers are in your eyes and ears. percentage if you choose.

Allow your solutions to surface “unfiltered.” Don’t try and “prevent” the answer and explain it away. You aren’t being judged and so there isn’t a need for an explanation. allow it to come back as it comes! additionally, if you discover that an answer isn’t instantaneous, let your mind “simmer” and the solution will floor. if you need to move to any other query, experience unfastened to do so. additionally, it’s far quite common and very everyday to find your self talking out loud. relax, you’re having a communique with yourself and that is ideal. You’re now not crazy! The aim is to elicit an sincere communication with you.
lastly, you can start with any question. start at the beginning or the end, it’s totally up to you. The question you solution first is of no outcome. what’s most critical is which you end! also, don’t restrict your self on your approach of “journaling” your solutions. It doesn’t count in case your journal of choice is a notepad, a clever telephone, a voice recorder or an a82ee8a4ee179e54beacaecce0423cb2 pen and paper. All that topics is which you “magazine” your answers as they surface. whilst revisiting your answers, you grow to be greater privy to what is “good” approximately you in addition to the “rubbish” that desires to be dumped in the “disposal!”
Now, get busy, easy out your “intellectual” storage and “get to the fact approximately you!”

1. What am I afraid of?
2. Why am I afraid of it?
3. What am I angry about?
4. Why am I angry about it?
5. What am I ashamed of?
6. Why do I feel ashamed of it?
7. What do I feel guilty about?
8. Why do I feel guilty about it?
9. What hurts me?
10. Why does it hurt me?
11. What can I do to stop the hurt?
12. Do I need to forgive myself for something?
13. Do I need to forgive someone else?
14. Do I love myself?
15. If not, why do I feel unlovable?
16. What am I holding that needs to be released?
17. Do I need help to release it?
18. How do I accept my past?
19. What about my past is weighing me down?
20. What can I do to break free from my past?
21. Have I honestly looked at my present?
22. If I am unhappy about my present, how did I get here?
23. What am I willing to do to make it better?
24. Am I truly happy?
25. Why am I unhappy?
26. What causes my unhappiness?
27. Am I satisfied?
28. What causes my dissatisfaction
29. Am I ready to face my fears?
30. Are my fears real or imagined?
31. What can I do to stop the fear?
32. What am I proud of?
33. What do I want for myself?
34. What am I willing to do to make it happen?
35. What do I see for my future?
36. How would I like to feel in my future?
37. Can I feel that same feeling now?
38. What am I feeling right now about my life?
39. Am I afraid of success?
40. Am I afraid of failure?
41. Am I afraid if I become successful, I will change?
42. Am I afraid if I become successful, I will lose my friends?
43. What will happen to me if I fail?
44. Am I willing to risk failing?
45. What will happen to me if I succeed?
46. Am I willing to risk succeeding?
47. Am I carrying opinions of myself that came from “others”?
48. If so, what are those opinions?
49. Are these opinions true?
50. What do I know to be true of me?
51. What do I know that is not true of me?
52. Do I trust myself? If no, why don’t I trust myself?
53. Do I trust anyone?
54. If not, why is it hard for me to trust?
55. Who am I?