There is a Bank of Good. It is not FDIC insured, nor is it governed by earthly regulations. The CEO is God; the COO is Jesus and one cannot imagine who sits on the Board of Directors.
The Mission Statement: The meek shall inherit the earth.
The Operating Principles: Consistency of Good Deeds, Content of Character and a Stubborn Faith.
We cannot open this account. If we are so fortunate the account will be opened for us. Your status within the community is of no consequence. Your wealth or lack thereof is inconsequential. Your education whether formal or informal does not matter because the account is strictly based on Consistency of Good Deeds, Content of Character and a Stubborn Faith.

If the Operating Principles are strictly followed; then one becomes a Trust Fund recipient and the inheritance is guaranteed. However, it must be understood that monthly statements, quarterly reviews or year-end reconcilement will not be sent; the account is based on a lifetime of consistency of good deeds, content of character and stubborn faith and disbursement will be payable at its right and proper time. Only the CEO and the COO decide when the inheritance becomes payable, however, it will be paid and is fully guaranteed.

Meek within the Bank of Good does not mean weak. It means a humble approach to life and especially in helping and assisting others. The humble approach is quite simple “But for the grace of God, there go I. “The “meek and humble” fully understand and appreciate that most people are “one or two” decisions away from life changing events, so it is wise to “never look down” upon anyone as in the blink of an eye “there go I.” Rest assured that as account holders, there is “double interest for the trouble” and it’s all guaranteed!
How does the Bank of Good define its operating principles of Consistency of Good Deeds, Content of Character and a Stubborn Faith? The operating principles are simplistic and profound however they must be fully explained:
Consistency of Good Deeds represents your hands. What are you doing with your hands that give evidence to good deeds? Are you helping or hurting with your hands? Are you seeking to be of service to those that are in need or do you wait to be asked? Most important are your deeds consistent? Your deeds cannot be bragged about nor can you expect to receive any accolades when they are accomplished. The deeds must be done within the privacy of your soul and only the recipient of your good deeds will know what you have done. In some situations, the recipient will not be aware that your hands were involved. The moment you mention what you did and expect something in return then you are not within the guidelines of the Bank of Good’s operating principle.
Content of Character represents your mouth. What is coming out of your mouth that the Bank of Good would consider in alignment with the operating principles? Your mouth represents your character and all that falls out of it is being added or subtracted from your account. Is your mouth giving full evidence to your character or is your mouth a telling sign as to its true content? Your mouth is truly the mega horn that reflects your character. To be considered for an account with the Bank of Good, please remember that what falls from your lips is a true indicator of what lies within your heart.
Stubborn Faith reflects your heart. This is the most important principle as it is the deciding factor to be considered as an account holder. Faith is the principle that is the foundation of all of the operating principles because without a stubborn faith your hands and your mouth will operate independently and sometimes neither will represent you well. Faith comes into action when all evidence is contrary to what is being shown to you. Faith is the silent glue that holds everything together. Faith is the evidence of all that you hope for and faith is the sustaining element that you hold when the waters of life surround you and you experience difficulty seeing dry land. Faith is so very important. Without faith one stumbles and cries that they have been forgotten. Without faith the hands may feel they are barren. Without faith the character may be challenged. It is with this stubborn faith that the operating principles all blend together. Faith is where the meek inherit the earth. Faith is the guiding principle that the CEO and COO look upon as their indicator as to your being accepted as an account holder. Faith is the key and without faith one weakens in believing they are a Trust Fund holder and question the inheritance that awaits and is fully guaranteed.
Your account within the Bank of Good awaits you. It is yours for the asking and for the taking. One doesn’t have to physically die to receive the inheritance that is yours especially, if you have demonstrated consistency of good deeds, content of character and most important a stubborn faith.