Still yourself. It’s that simple. Be still. Still yourself and rest your heart inside the chest of the universe. Be quiet. Release yourself to the nearness and lay your weight down. Sit inside the nearness for a couple of minutes and enable yourself to feel that everything is great. Really feel that everything is great and state that everything is great. Proceed to feel and express that everything is great until you feel your faculties start to rise and you feel much improved. Indeed, your issues to fathom remain, be that as it may, your soul should feel recharged and you are in the groove again. In the event that you should rehash this until you feel much improved, at that point please do this process again. Whatever it takes to get you back on course at that point do so. The issue to be fathomed is to remain on course and this is your order.

Whatever you should do to stay away from a real existence loaded up with lament and what-uncertainties at that point do that. It doesn’t make a difference what it is aside from a substance. The main substance that ought to be ingested is the nearness of the Creator which will fill you with the solidarity to keep on pushing ahead and to STAY THE COURSE.

Rest guaranteed you are not the only one in your sentiments. At the present time a significant number of the least fortunate and most extravagant are encountering this exceptionally same inclination. Exhaustion has no shading, age or sexual orientation. It doesn’t have the foggiest idea what you have or don’t have. It basically is resting its head where it is permitted. There is nothing incorrectly about being exhausted. In any case, all things have an inverse and stillness is one of the alternate extremes of being exhausted. Stay composed. It is in these snapshots of stillness that the enchantment snapshot of triumph now and again shows herself. One will in general listen better when you are simply drained.

As it has been expressed for a long time… Be still and realize that the Creator is with you.