Being physically active is ideal at any age. Whether you have mobility issues or not, getting in some physical activity each and every day is a must. For your health, you should always prioritize an active lifestyle. But, if you’re not convinced or if you feel like it’s too hard to get going, these four benefits will help motivate you.

1 Being Active Keeps You Active:

The number one benefit of getting more active is that, in time, you’ll find it easier to stay active. Getting started is truly the hardest part. In the first few days, weeks, or even months, you may find yourself to be stiff and sore. But, as time goes by, you will be improving your posture, improving circulation, improving your stamina, and–of course–maintaining muscle mass. The calories you burn through physical activity will also help shave off excess fat.

All of these things mean that staying active will be easier once you get active. It’s the actual beginning of the journey that tends to be so difficult for most people.

2 It Reduces Your Risk of Disease:

Living a more active lifestyle does some incredible things for your body. For instance, being more active is going to cut down on your risk for many diseases and conditions. Heart disease and heart attacks are just two things that you will see a reduced risk for as you begin to implement more activities into your lifestyle. You’ll also be at a decreased risk of things like inflammation, arthritis, and even diabetes.

3 You’ll Feel Better:

Getting active has been linked time and time again to a better mood. In fact, exercising releases the “happy” hormones in your brain to stimulate your body. In turn, you will find that you have more energy and more clarity in your thoughts too. That makes exercise great for both your physical wellbeing and your mental wellbeing. Staying active on a regular basis will lead to many benefits you never even thought possible. Like finding that you sleep better at night.

4 You’ll Look Better:

Two of the most obvious benefits of being more active are also great reasons to get started. One, you’ll lose weight. Two, you’ll have the chance to maintain and even build muscle mass. Certain activities (like cardio) promote more weight loss on average while other activities (like hiking) promote more muscle growth on average. But no matter what you choose to do, you’ll see improvements in both weight and strength.