discovered the voice that
should empower the soul
it strikes out at worry
with practice and time
its phrases should resonate
or reverberate
the very that means of them
placed into query
if a person have to pay attention
and punctiliously bear in mind.
what it has to say
ah the beutiful edge of
the sharp ink enforce
the divisions of the ink
create the very phrases
which might be scrawled on the canvas
until it is regenerated
or preserved in virtual format
so that individuals who are involved
can also observe it below
the display screen’s glare
stare at it too long
and it can come to be a good deal much less shiny
the gift is in the glimmer
to blot every other’s words
is not likely to be forgiven
one is entitled to have an opinion
difference is what makes every of us precise.
interpretation is the key to the art of individuality
in information lies appreciation
for exploration via
creativity, the artform of expression