Are you on the lookout for a new way to work out? If so, then you might want to consider using a resistance kit. Resistance kits are quite simple. They are weighted bands that you can use to build muscle and increase your strength. If you are looking for a resistance kit, then you might want to check out the Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit. In this review, find out if this product is right for you.

Key Features of the Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit:
• Comes with built-in door anchors.
• Can be attached to numerous objects.
• Extremely strong straps.
• Comfortable foam handles.
• Comes with free eBook and product guide.

Is the Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit Worth Your Money?

As far as resistance training kits go, this one is pretty good. The straps are very well-made. When you first get ahold of them, you can tell right from the start that they are tough and that they will last you for a very long time. Obviously, there are things to consider besides durability, but it is still nice to know that if you buy this resistance training kit, that you are getting a kit that is going to last you for a while.

This is a very versatile kit, which is also very good. You can attach the handles basically anywhere. They come with built-in door anchors, so you can put them on top of doors (the most popular location for these sorts of things). But you can also attack the straps to your ceiling, to large objects, and to basically anything else. So, these are a great option even if you don’t have a dedicated workout space. You can basically use them anywhere, so don’t pass on them just because you have concerns over space.

Finally, you should know about some of the extras that come with this resistance trainer kit. For starters, you get a nice little bag that you can use to carry around the straps. It’s not anything special, but it is still a nice little bonus. More substantial are the two books that you get with the kit. You get a physical product guide that tells you how to use the straps, how to set them up, etc.
You also get an eBook, which details a 12-week program to get you in good shape using the resistance straps. Overall, not a bad deal in the slightest.