Let’s go!” the heavy shouted as he stepped from the landing craft onto the moist sand, followed by a few more heavies and us rifleman. I placed my ace of diamonds on the front of my helmet, and hopped onto the island. nOne of the riflemen held a walkie talkie to his mouth. “We’re here, hq. What’s the plan? “Flank right to avoid the mortar. Once you reach their sawmill, destroy it, then take the machine gun… over. “Roger that… over and out. The commanding heavy, machine gun in hand, led the way up the East end of the island, to where the enemy had docked their boats. “You heard hq,” the commander said.

“Destroy the sawmill, then the machine gun.”We had no problem with the sawmill, but as we approached their headquarters, we found that there was much more to deter us than just a machine gun. We’d all have been burnt to a crisp by their flamethrower if it wasn’t for the red flare that directed us to a safer spot. Nonetheless, three riflemen suck bed to the flames. We fought on, raing their hq despite the rain of bullets from another machine gun. At last, the final blow was dealt, and the enemy headquarters crumbled under the force of our firepower. Without coordination, the remaining defenses surrendered, and we took the island. BoomBeach.