While it is true that exercise can’t reverse the aging process, it can significantly slow it down. If you look at people like Jack Lalanne, they achieved more in their old age that most people couldn’t when they were young. This is because staying fit and constantly exercises reduces the impact that aging has on your muscles and bones. While this article won’t go over every single way that exercising helps to slow down the aging process, it will give you a few examples of just how good exercising is when it comes to combatting the effects of aging.

Effects On Your Heart:
As you age, your heart muscles not only weaken (which causes your heart to have to work twice as hard), but your heart also contracts for longer periods of time. These two factors, when combined with other factors like cholesterol levels, is why older people are at a greater risk of having a heart attack.

Exercising can help slow the effects of aging on your heart by keeping your heart strong. Cardio, in particular, is an extremely effective way of strengthening your heart muscles and reducing your risk of heart disease and heart attacks as you age.

Effects On Your Muscular System:
Another, very damage effect of aging is the general loss of muscle mass. Not only do older people lose muscle mass, but they also struggle to gain muscle mass. Again, exercising regularly can help prevent this from becoming as big an issue. By regularly working out all your muscle groups, you can help prevent muscle atrophy. One common mistake people make is assuming that they can exercise as much as they did when they were younger. This is not the case, as you get older it becomes more difficult to get and maintain muscle mass. So, you actually need to use your muscles more than a young person would have to.

Effects On Your Bones:
Finally, let’s discuss your bones. Bone density loss is a major issue for older people. If you aren’t familiar with that, the simple explanation is that people begin losing bone density as they age, which is why elderly people’s bones break so easily. Again, exercise is the key here. A combination of a calcium-rich diet and a lot of exercise can pretty much halt the loss of bone density.