The Carepeutic company makes therapeutic and fitness related equipment. From now massagers to boxing trainers, the firm specializes in improving your range of motion, strength, balance and flexibility. One of their products is the Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer, which is the object of this review.

Key Elements of the Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer:
* Industrial quality, heavy-duty base
* High-quality polyurethane foam punching ball, no inflation required
* Target arms can be rotated, up and down, forward and backward
* Adjustable height makes it perfect for multiple users
* 3 target boxing trainer also perfect for kickboxing, Muay Thai and additional martial arts

What Makes the Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer a Good Purchase?

Are you trying to lose weight and get in shape? Are you a kickboxer or boxer? Do you practice mixed martial arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu or another martial art? Are you a couch potato that is just starting to exercise for the first time? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider getting the Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer.

Since the height of this boxing and kicking trainer is adjustable, it can serve several users. It is perfect for men and women, young and old, and offers 3 individual targets. Each target is adjustable and can be placed in multiple positions. This means your workout does not get stale, repetitively making the same kicking or striking motions.

This adjustability also means you keep your ligaments and muscles in a constant state of confusion. You are continually striking and kicking at different targets, which improves the results you are getting from your workouts. The versatility of the Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer also means it is perfect for beginner and skilled boxers, kickboxers and fitness fanatics.

Fill the heavy-duty base with water or sand and you are ready to go. The punching balls are made of foam, and do not need to be inflated. This makes them more durable than similar items, and the steel spring construction on the necks of the targets live up to a professional kickboxing standard.

It should be noted that this fitness product can be used by someone undergoing physical therapy. No matter your level of fitness or interest in boxing, kickboxing or martial arts, the Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer can lead to better health, flexibility, balance, strength and agility. A dedicated boxer or kickboxer can definitely benefit from this durable and affordable training product. So can anyone looking to improve their level of fitness, get in shape or lose weight.