Little boy and his sister were one day going through a long, narrow railroad tunnel. The railroad company had built small clefts here and there through the tunnel, so that if any one got caught in the tunnel when the train was passing, they could save themselves.

After this little boy and girl had gone some distance in the tunnel they heard a train coming. They were frightened at first, but the sister just put her little brother in one cleft and she hurried and hid in another. The train came thundering along, and as it passed, the sister cried out: “Johnny, cling close to the rock! Johnny, cling close to the rock!” and they were safe.

The “Rock of Ages” may be beaten by the storms and waves of adversity, but “cling close to the rock, Christians, and all will be well.” The waves don’t touch the Christian; he is sheltered by the Rock “that is higher than I,” by the One who is the strong arm, and the Saviour who is mighty and willing to save.