There was a man came from Europe to this country a year or two ago, and he became dissatisfied and went to Cuba in 1867 when they had that great civil war there. Finally he was arrested for a spy, court-martialed, and condemned to be shot. He sent for the American Consul and the English Consul, and went on to prove to them that he was no spy.

These two men were thoroughly convinced that the man was no spy, and they went to one of the Spanish officers and said, “This man you have condemned to be shot is an innocent man.” “Well,” the Spanish officer says, “the man has been legally tried by our laws and condemned, and the law must take its course and the man must die.” And the next morning the man was led out; the grave was already dug for him, and the black cap was put on him, and the soldiers were there ready to receive the order, “Fire,” and in a few moments the man would be shot and put in that grave and covered up, when who should rise up but the American Consul, who took the American flag and wrapped it around him, and the English Consul took the English flag and wrapped it around him; and they said to those soldiers, “Fire on those flags if you dare!” Not a man dared; there were two great governments behind those flags.

And so God says, “Come under my banner, come under the banner of love, come under the banner of heaven.” God will take care of all that will come under His banner.