Consistently Training

By being consistent in all aspects of our training, from the time of day that we train, to the type of training that we do on those days is one of the keys to being successful with any training program. The more often we do something, the more likely we are going to continue doing it, whether it is a good or a bad habit.

To make fitness a habit that we do on a regular basis will help to ensure that we succeed without it being a struggle.

It is human nature to avoid pain and finding fitness training a chore is a pain that we will seek to avoid. This will result in missed training days and eventually refraining from training altogether.

By getting a training program that targets, not only our desired physical outcome, but also our personality type will make the training less painful to endure. We will find it easier to train more often and eventually is can become a habit where we get to the stage that we actually fell like we are missing something if we don’t get our fitness ‘fix’ for the week.

Consistency delivers the results at the end of the day, faster than irregular training sessions, where we might put more effort in, but not return to the gym for a week or two.

Consistency also allows us to do less and achieve more.
This happens because we can make small improvements when we are training regularly and the combined results of these small improvements build up to bigger gains in the long term.

Consistency also reduces the incidence of injury that can stop our progress as our muscles are attuned to the regular exercise that we will be giving them. Making fitness and your good health a habit that you enjoy, will set you up for the long-term health benefits that only regular maintenance can bring.

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