• half white wheat self raising flour
  • half white plain flour
  • salt (essential)
  • water


Can be easily modified to make it fancy once know how to do the plain version – add herbs, top with sesame or poppy seeds,use milks instead of water etc. Wholemeal takes longer.

Mix flours add salt (essential) add water, stir till dough. place on floured scone/oven tray in smaller balls or as one big damper. Cook in hot oven. Takes a while.

prep time: two minutes max

cook time: variable on oven and size of damper/s. Can take a fair old while.

more needless info below

Very CHEAP, EASY, filling, vegan bread alternative. Recipes with yeast in are yummy and all that, but they are NOT repeat NOT Australian swagman dampers. Swagmen were itinerants, often close to starving, and did not carry fancy stuff like yeast, tea towels and warm spots in the kitchen..

Cast iron camp ovens, wrapping in alfoil, or billies in the fire are not how my great gran cooked damper. While fun to try, these methods can be wasteful- often only the middle of a damper cooked this way is edible. Damper cooked in an enclosed way (alfoil etc) can have a lovely very thick crust, on the odd times it doesnt burn:)

Campfire damper. As well as camp ovens or a billy, the dough can be made into a huge ball and put in the embers if you ever find yourself camping with a lot of flour and salt and no alfoil:) Once cooked the insides can be gouged from the blackened shell and devoured.

Source: mum, who got from her mother, etc.