This evening, I glanced at a phone number and remembered it without looking twice. And, I made myself a note … and remembered those numbers without looking again; two times in the same day! They were appreciated reminders that life is, finally, getting a little easier; each and every day.

Then, just as I was preparing to run an errand, I noticed lightning in the sky and the wind starting to blow; which can get mighty fierce, around here. And I wondered if I should mention it to hubby being he would not want me to drive in it … if I would even be able to see, at night, to make the journey. “Or, I could just stay at home. But then, God has always protected me, before.”

So, of course, my mind began to wander down memory lane, recalling all the times God has taken care of the weather, on my behalf. “Though, I would not want to take that for granted.”

But, such thoughts were quickly halted as the answer came, “No, God”s answer is still the same.” And so, without further hesitation, I collected my things and got into the car.

However, as the garage door opened, lightning, wind, the beginning of precipitation, and the appearance of an oncoming downpour were even more visible … and, so, I reasoned, “Well, if it gets bad enough, I can just pull over.”

But, that wasn”t God”s answer for this hour as the next thing I heard was this, “He guides my path and lights my way,” and, so, I smiled … then wondered at what God was about to do.

Curious, I watched the weather, as I backed out of the garage. It looked like snow, raining out of the sky. “Humm, interesting. Well, there went the anticipated downpour.”

Then, once my car lights shown on the road, I realized it wasn”t snow at all, but thousands of miniature hail displayed before me, over the next mile … all the way to the main road. It was raining hail and I didn”t even need my wipers!

With no sound at all, no one would have known, had they not seen it … just tiny, really tiny, white balls falling, everywhere, in front of my path; totally harmless. It was then I knew, God had created this show just for me.

Then, once I got to the main road, adorned by street lights, the storm was gone.

Not only was it another way of God confirming, to me, that the darkness has really passed, but He did what He said He would do. He guided my path and lit my way.