I remember one mother who heard that her boy was impressed at our meeting. She said her son was a good enough boy, and he didn’t need to be converted. I pleaded with that mother, but all my pleading was of no account.

I tried my influence, with the boy; but while I was pulling one way she was pulling the other, and of course her influence prevailed. Naturally it would. Well, to make a long story short, some time after I happened to be in the Jail, and I saw him there. “How did you come here?” I asked; “does your mother know where you are?” “No, don’t tell her; I came in under an assumed name, and I am going to prison for four years.

Do not let my mother know of this,” he pleaded; “she thinks I am in the army.” I used to call on that mother, but I had promised her boy I would not tell her, and for four years she mourned over that boy, She thought he had died on the battlefield or in a war hospital. What a blessing he might have been to that mother, if she had only helped us to bring him to Christ. But that mother is only a specimen of hundreds and thousands of parents.

If we would have more family altars in our homes, and train them to follow Christ, the Son of God would lead them into “green pastures,” and instead of having sons who curse the mothers who gave them birth, they would bless their fathers and mothers.

Prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Olives. GUSTAVE DORE. Matthew, xxvi, 36-45