• 3 slices of vegan bread
  • 1 banana
  • 1 hand full of cereal (without any marshmellows works best)
  • peanut butter


Take 1 slice of vegan bread and apread with lots of peanut butter.

Slice the banana into little disks and place on the peanut butter making sure they won’t slide around.

Take another slice of vegan bread, spread with peanut butter and put it over the banana slices. Then put peanut butter on the top of this layer of vegan bread.

Put cereal all over this peanut butter.

Spread peanut butter on the final piece of vegan bread and place on top. Eat and enjoy!

***This is really good but don’t eat it if you’re afraid of getting a bit messy!!!!*****

Serves: 1