• 1 large tortilla (I like to use the Trader Joe’s spinach flavored, but plain is also good!)
  • Tofutti cream cheese (I use plain, but you can use your favorite type)
  • 1 can black olives
  • 1 jalapeno (or spicy pepper of your choice)


This is really really easy!

First, spread the tortilla on a flat surface. Take about half a container of Toffuti cream cheese (or less, or more, whatever you like) and spread it over the tortilla.

Second, open and drain the black olives. Take as many as you’d like (I use about 3-4 for one tortilla) and dice until very small, or pop in food processor until in tiny cubes. Sprinkle these evenly over the cream vegan tortilla.

Third, cut or process a couple of jalapeno (or whatever pepper) slices the same was as the olives. However much you use can, of course, depend on you and your guests’ tendency toward spiciness. Sprinkle these tiny bits over the cream cheese tortilla.

Finally, roll up the tortilla and cut into one inch pieces. If you’d like you can puncture each piece with a toothpick to keep them together and make consuming them easy for your guests.

If not serving right away, these can certainly be chilled!


Serves: As many as you like – this recipe will be for one