• tofu-firm
  • broccoli
  • bamboo Shoots
  • carrots (baby carrots taste best)
  • green cabbage
  • mushrooms
  • vegetable/sesame oil
  • rice (white, brown, kashi, etc.)
  • vegan teriyaki sauce/merinade, or both..
  • sesame seeds/red pepper (optional)
  • vegan sugar (unrefined preferred, but brown and white work)


Buy ingredients to personal preference, but I usually use about half of the head of cabbage, 1-2 cups worth of carrots cut into shoots, 14 oz package of tofu, cut into small squares. Personal preference on what kind and how much mushroom. Personal preference on amount of broccoli. I recommend usually alot of everything.

First get a big pot, wok, or pan and put in aproximately 2 to 4 Tablesppons of veg. or sesame oil. Add chopped tofu and cook on high to medium high for aproximately 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally until browned on all sides.

While tofu is frying, start cooking rice and chopping veggies. After mushrooms are cut, place in bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of vegan sugar, sesame seeds and red pepper (all personal preferences on amount) and some sauce/merinade. Let sit while cutting other veggies.

Once tofu is deep golden brown on all sides, add sauce, cover tofu and lower the temp. to low or medium. Cover and let sit for aproximately five minutes (or longer) so tofu absorbs sauce. Then add veggies. Turn to medium high and cook for 5 to 10 minutes until veggies are cooked. Serve over rice.

Everyone loves this recipe. I recommend Kikkoman or Safeway brand Teriyaki sauce. The sauce is key for the flavor of the whole meal. If I have a merinade, I sometimes add some while frying the tofu. Enjoy!

Serves: 2-4