He is a stereotype of a Star Trek nerd is a young man who likes computers and is not prone to dating, but many women like Star Trek too. The female Trekkie has not been as susceptible to stereotyping. She can be a young professional who dresses up as Counselor Troi at Halloween or a teacher who appreciates a television show that offers positive messages. But sooner or later, women Star Trek fans will often have motherhood in common. Raising children is far from easy – especially without maturation chambers to put them in – and Star Trek moms everywhere should find the hard line wisdom of Seven of Nine helpful while bringing up the Next Generation.
Seven of Nine, the clever and corseted ex-Borg from Star Trek Voyager whose hotness has ejected warp cores from here to the Delta Quadrant, had a distinctive personality and she was not afraid to express her opinions.
Mothers out there would do well to liberate themselves from the Hive Mind and contemplate the wisdom expressed by Seven of Nine, who would tell you herself that she knows more than you.
When facing the rigors of motherhood, recall these catch phrases. They sum up nicely the challenges of parenting.

It lacks perfection.
It is inefficient.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.
And the finally sentiment, felt by every mother
I need to regenerate.