An unborn’s cry
what do i see?
the arena round is so bad
what do i see?

I don´t want to peer the misery round
what must i pay attention
i hear of bombs and frightening sounds all the time
i don´t want to be amongst folks who are combating all the time
folks that are hungry for their very own blood,preventing for a penny and a dime

Hatred in their eyes i see
will it grow to be being for me?
whom can i call my buddy?
who am i able to put my trust in?
what if things turn in opposition to me ?
what if i cant cope up with the outside world?
what if i’m tagged as a loser?

Will there be any individual to pay attention me out
or will a person go away me to scream and shout?
what if i come obtainable and find no one close to me?
will i then be tagged as unfortunate or an insignificant quantity lying in an infantry?
how i want to see a stunning international obtainable
in which i’m able to locate happiness and serinity everywhere

I may not recognize of it now
but will poverty or hunger carry me down?
will the hatred eat me?
or will love and peace win me over?
what’s going to the out of doors world be?

While matters don’t move my manner
how i hate it whilst things do not go my wa,
sense like shouting loud and screaming all day
may want to beat a few one tough
could talk matters which mind always barred
ought to throw things right here and there
and then throw a few extra
this takes place no longer a lot
but when it takes place i can’t take it along

Existence doesn’t pass the manner you need it to
but perhaps matters take place for they may be true for you
something it may be,i wish matters may want to always pass my way
i wish life asks me earlier than it takes me its way