Exquisite flight to mars

As a child, the one thing that I always used to buy one thing from the book store and that is any book related to space. I just love anything and everything about space. But now as I grow older I realised that my dream of travelling to mars will always remain a dream. I talked to so many people people about this and so many institutes about this, but still almost everyone is saying that it is almost impossible to travel to mars. The place I always wanted to go. I have always been so curious about this planet Mars that I have read almost every book and article, every video related to mars. I do feel that people can go and live there and I think that it will be necessary considering the increasing population of this planet. Resources have said that planet Mars has the capability to have air and water in it. I literally wanted to visit this planet at least once in my life. Its my goal.

Now that’s when there was a turning moment in my life. Yesterday, I had dream. In that dream, an old man came to me and said, “Wishes do come real. Just trust in God.” After saying this, the man just went away. I’m a true believer in God and therefore I felt it like a sign. I immediately went to the church and prayed who heartedly. I felt some positive vibe coming coming to me. I felt like my dream will be fulfilled really fast now. After I prayed, I went home. At night, after a hectic day at work, I slept early. When I got up, I had the surprise of a lifetime.

When I got up, I was in this highly advanced room filled with high tech gadgets. Also I saw the calender. It was 2035. What? Did I just time travel? Was this a dream? I started pinching myself. But it all felt real. Or maybe it was real. Suddenly a door unlocked. A man in an high tech suit was approaching to me. That’s when even I realised, even I’m wearing a high tech suit. It resembled the one astronauts wear while going to space. But the one I was wearing was way more advanced. The man came near me and said, “Doctor! What are you doing here? It’s time! Please come with us! “I decided to just follow that person. That person took me in front of a door. The place was Hugh. It was something that I really wonder, if human mind could really think such high tech stuff. Anyway, all this was really out my my level and was literally blowing my ming. The guy, as I mentioned took me to a room with a small door.

When he opened it, I was surprised for sure but also kind of skeptical. It was a Hugh room filled with many scientists and full of high tech stuff. And in the middle of all that there was a Hugh balloon. A balloon, a normal balloon but everyone was just working on it. They were cleaning it, getting it ready for something. When I entered the room everyone came running to me. They were congratulating me, giving me handshakes and hugs, giving me all the best wishes signs. I was completely blank, what was happening. That’s when the man who took me to this room stated talking. He had no Mike but still his sound was completely audible to the entire room. He said, “I, Dr. Edward have the privilege to invite Doctor for this Hugh mission. We have been working on this for fifteen years and today marks the result of our hard work. Doctor, you are our only faith. I’m sure that you will not dissapoint us.”

After he said that, many people took me to a room. They started telling me a few instructions like not to panic, stay hydrated etc. I was not understanding anything and so I left everything to fate. They then made me put a weird but high tech costume and then made me go near the balloon. They said, “She’s ready!” After that everything was surreal. The door of the balloon opened like the ones we see in shopping malls. From the outside, the balloon looks empty. But when I went in, I saw a Hugh cabin. I saw food items, water and a cockpit just like the ones we see in aeroplanes. The door got shut. I didn’t know what to do. I just sat in the chair. I could see everyone outside. Everyone were cheering and clapping. And then I heard a sound, “Doctor. Twenty seconds to take off. This journey of your to mars will be the one to remember for the ages.” And then the countdown began. That’s when I realised that my dream was coming to a reality. I was thrilled and happy. But I was nervous.

The countdown ended. The balloon started floating. To my surprise, there was no fire or anything. It was just that the balloon started floating. And then the roof of the building opened. And then in extraordinary speed, the balloon started flying upwards. But I didn’t feel any pressure. I just felt a smooth ride. The balloon was blazing fast. And in no time I was in space. I could see the endless dimension of the space. The stars, the planets everything. I had quite knowledge about space and I could easily figure out that the balloon was still fast. Very fast. I was awestruck by the extarvagent thing called space. I could even see different galaxies through the special lens attached to the balloon. I saw the moon. Yes! With my bare eyes, I saw the moon. I figured out that it was a long journey. I sat in the chair with some snacks. I was not thinking anything but only the spectacle of the space. After a few hours I got an announcement. It said, “Doctor. The time is here. You are about to arrive planet Mars. This is the record speed of reaching this planet. Human race will no longer be the same after this.”

I saw planet Mars. It felt like it was zooming towards me. The planet was coming near and I didn’t knew how to slow this ballon. But then there was a light over a button. I quickly pressed it and the ballon slowed down and it was a smooth landing. The doors of the ballon opened. I came out of it. Yes. My dream was accompalised, I set my foot over Mars. Inside the ballon, in a screen I could see people dancing with joy. They were celebrating. In planet Mars, I was walking here and there. I observed every single thing about it. I was so happy to see everything. Since I had an indepth knowledge about Mars, I knew many things about Mars. I was so happy. I had still the feeling of dreaming. But I didn’t care about it. After spending time ove there, I was told that I should put the flag of my country over there. I did so. It was a proud moment for me. Suddenly I got a message saying saying, “Doctor. We know that you want to spend more time over there. But we have certain limits. We request you to enter the ship and get back to earth” . I didn’t wanted to go. But I had to follow the instructions. I entered the ship.

The ballon again started floating. And in no time, I escaped the planet and was back in space.
Suddenly I started felling dizzy. I eventually passed out. I had a dream, again. The same man who told me to trust in God came near me and said, “You see my child. I just showed you a small glimpse of your future. You become a great astronaut in future. You also will hold a doctorate in astrophysics. So I’m giving you two options. One you can stay here and continue your life like this. Or second, you can go back in time and work hard to get here.” I gave it a Hugh thought. I have always been a person of hard work. I decided that it’s not right to eat the fruit without hardwork. I eventually decided to go back in time and work hard for my future. I told this to him and he said,” So be it. “
I opened my eyes. I was back in my room. I just realised that I had a dream. Or maybe it was true. Whatever happens, I don’t really care. This dream or vision that I had really boosted my confidence. I started working hard for this. But I have to say, this ride to mars was spectacular and once in a lifetime experience!

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