Faith More Powerful than Gunpowder

I remember at one of the meetings at the church, during the war, a young man came to me, trembling from head to foot. “What is the trouble?” I asked. “There is a letter I got from my sister, and she tells me every night as the sun goes down she goes down on her knees and prays for me.” This man was brave, had been in a number of battles; he could stand before the cannon’s mouth, but yet this letter completely upset him. “I have been trembling ever since I received it.” Six hundred miles away the faith of this girl went to work, and its influence was felt by the brother.

He did not believe in prayer; he did not believe in Christianity; he did not believe in his mother’s Bible. This mother was a praying woman, and when she died she left on earth a praying daughter. And when God saw her faith and heard that prayer, he answered her. How many sons and daughters could be saved if their mothers and fathers had but faith.

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