intro: let me share with you something that a seventy yr vintage man wrote in an effort to talk to my concern today:

illus-“i recall many years ago a touch boy on a trundlebed, having just retired for the night. before going to sleep, he turned within the route of the large mattress on which his father lay, and said, ‘father, are you there?’ and he responded, ‘sure, my son.’ i keep in mind that that boy grew to become over and went to sleep without a idea of damage. this night that little boy is an vintage guy of seventy, and each night time earlier than going to sleep he appears up into the face of his heavenly father, and says, ‘father, are you there ?’ and the answer comes back, ‘sure, my son ;’ and then he asks in childish religion, ‘will you cope with me to-night time?’ and the solution comes lower back, clean and sturdy, ‘sure, my son.’ whom want we worry, if god our father be with us?”
transition: whether or not you’re a little boy or seventy year antique guy, a touch woman or a seventy year vintage girl, one of the huge enemies of lifestyles is the identical. that enemy’s call is worry.  one of the preferred bible passages of many people is the 23rd psalm. pay attention to verse four:
textual content: psalm 23:four yea, even though i stroll via the valley of the shadow of loss of life, i’m able to worry no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your group of workers, they comfort me. 

transition: with this one powerful verse of scripture in thoughts, permit’s hunt down a few truth to help us in our struggle towards worry.

  1. worry often rises up within the valleys of our existence
    david said, “yea, though i stroll via the valley of the shadow of death….”
    all of us recognise that the valleys represents the low time in our lives. the ones times whilst we sense like we’re struggling at the bottom in place of status in victory at the pinnacle. 
    these are instances of extreme struggle and ache. many valleys may be named that reason us to worry but permit me share four examples of such instances:

a. dying 
david known as the sort of time as the valley of the shadow of death. when you have ever confronted death or watched a cherished one go through it, then you definately recognise what i’m speaking approximately. 
b. risk

the thief comes to scouse borrow, kill, and spoil. he likes to threaten us via extraordinary approaches creating feelings of hazard. why? to back us off from serving our god. to cause us to go into reverse from being ambitious. the devil is a master of intimidation. the truth is, when we’re taking walks in a fearless faith, he’s frightened of us. he is a master bluffer. is there a person for your lifestyles that he speaks via to intimidate you?

c. divorce  
that is a major valley in our way of life that one 1/2 of all marriages quit with and walk thru. divorce unleashes all forms of worry. what’s going to i do? how will i live to tell the tale? who will love me? who will reject me? sure, it is a valley.

d. depression
that is extra a country of thoughts that frequently comes from instances, yet it outcomes in all sorts of worry. the worry of being alone. the worry of being deserted. the worry of dealing with the following day. on occasion the fear is so sturdy that lifestyles is multiple can deal with, that people will stop their personal lives. behind this is a powerful force….which brings us to my subsequent essential factor.

  1. the bible in reality teaches that evil is often behind assaults of fear
    david said, i’m able to fear no evil. he saw evil in the back of the concern waging towards him. the only thing we are able to all do is not to participate in something with a view to unleash the enemy’s plan upon another’s existence. permit me share some wise recommendation that thru a little tale i read:
    illus-“dr. lawson, of selkirk, a famous scottish wit, as a smart and godly minister, become once approached by means of a busybody who wanted, with an air of wonderful solemnity, to tell him of the wrong-doing of a brother inside the church. the good minister turned to him and requested, ‘does all and sundry else realize this butyou?’ ‘no, sir,’ turned into the solution. ‘have you told it to everybody else?’ once more the solution turned into ‘no.’ ‘then,’ said the coolest guy,’pass home and disguise it away on the feet of jesus, and by no means speak of it once more except god leads you to speak to the man himself. if the lord needs you to carry a scandal upon his church, permit him do it, but do not you be the device to reason it.’ “
    pals, permit’s not be a party to bringing evil in opposition to a person else who may be in a valley.
    three. consciousness of god’s presence is your antidote to fear
    david said, “because thou artwork with me….”  actually placed, it’s far vital that we take god at his word. he has stated, “i can in no way depart you nor forsake you.” you aren’t by myself. one of the exceptional fears is that of being by myself. but for the believer, the reality is, we’re by no means alone. the god who made the universe is with us and in addition he is for us!
  2. knowing god’s coronary heart to deliver you’ll comfort you 
    david stated, ‘his rod and group of workers they consolation me.” dear saint, do you know your real status with god. he is your shepherd however a good deal greater, he’s your father in heaven. 

illus-it is simple to realize the knock of a beggar at one’s door. low, timid, hesitating, it seems to say, “i don’t have any declare at the kindness of this residence.” . . . how unique, on his go back from school, the loud knocking, the bounding step, the joyous rush of the kid into his father’s presence. . . . now, why are believers ambitious ? glory to god in the maximum ! it’s miles to a father in god, to an elder brother in christ, that faith conducts our steps in prayer; consequently, in the hour of need, formidable of spirit, she increases her suppliant arms, and cries, “o that thou wouldst rend the heavens, and are available down.” guthrie.

conclusion: why don’t you nail it down proper now? god is a god of his phrase. he’s with you and his coronary heart is to lead you through your valley with all its worry.