Watch and anticipate your fate
don’t omit your queue to name
a overlooked possibility
could become an extended-lasting remorse
breathe, as you listen
on what topics to your lifestyles
take time to appreciate the goals
that you will meet
in case you pursue them difficult sufficient
your internal enemy you will beat
that is, the voice that tells you no
even as your intestine instinct is screaming yes
the reflection inside the reflect is the other of who you simply are
you may appear to share the identical capabilities
but the way you spot it
is like a door this is left barely nosense
you watched it shines a mild in the crevices
but this view is distorted
the issues you suspect you own
are likely now not there at all
imagined workings of a mirrored image
a grave deception
and could lead us to your maximum excessive fall
physicalities are judged via the weakest  fragment in life