you are into my life like a ray of glittering light
with you my life took a new flight
Small chats and game sessions blossomed our friendship
I'm so blessed to have this great relationship
You are a gem of a person who'll go high and far
You are too good at every game
you are our sports star
As a captain,a friend,a doting daughter and a caring sister
you play every role so perfectly
u always leave me awestruck
Gujju hips or no hips
you will always look charming
the after-braces look has made your smile wide and brightening
you always have fun and make life so full of excitement
your love for your maroon zen shows how much you value every memorable moment
looks like dancing comes to you naturally
you do it so perfectly and gracefully
olives are your favourites i know
a trip to subway definitely shows
Little did i know that a simple hi would grow into a beautiful friendship
I am glad with you i have a non expiry friendship