Going deep inside your soul
do you find a heart of gold?
Scared to face the real you?
Is someone else in too?
A different face inside,
a stranger on the outside?
Thousands of secrets may be trapped away,
such that they’d never see the light of the day
Ugly inside is fine
don’t team it up with fake outer design
be yourself!
portray your self
a short word for boundless meanings
you’ll realize its worth when you’re done living
Who doesn’t have problems?
Who isn’t tensed?
not everyone has it topped with jewelery and gems
You’ll decipher the word correctly when you’re on your own
and you’ll realize the worth of each seed sown
Every single step could make a huge difference
you could be at crossroads or laid back by a fence
There’s a big world out there
guard your souls and its either fair or unfair
Not ready to face it
your mind isn’t set?
then don’t share your life yet