Nutrition is a study in itself and there is far more than could ever be covered in this course. There are however some nutrition basics that will help you to get better results from your training.

Many people are against taking supplements, but fitness training does place additional demands on our body and sometimes this can only be addressed by taking good supplements. There are many different brands of supplements on the market and these have been developed due to the growth of the fitness industry and the fact that more people are concerned about their health.

Eating the right food will go a long way to supplying us with the nutrition that we need however even the best foods can’t always supply us with the requirements of our busy lives.

One of the main food items (if it can be called that) that needs to be eliminated from our diets wherever possible is sugar.
Sugar will add nothing to your health and can do a whole lot of damage and cause problems such as diabetes to occur even for those people who are following good fitness training regimes.

You will need a level of quality complex carbohydrates to give you the energy to do your fitness training and also protein to help your muscles to recover and grow stronger. These can be supplied through the foods we eat or by buying quality protein powders and nutritional supplements designed for people who train.

Recovery times can be shortened by supplements and taking supplements can enhance improvements in many aspects of fitness. Good nutrition is probably the most important aspect of any fitness-training program, as it will ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from the work that you are putting in to your health.

It can be quite costly but the rewards can be quite impressive too.