As you get older, it becomes more and more important to monitor your health. As we all know, diet is an important aspect of overall health. Diets catered to the elderly can help with a variety of issues, including stomach issues, heart issues, and much more. With this in mind, here are 4 diets for older adults.

Low-Cholesterol Foods Are a Must:
As you age, your heart gets put under increasing amounts of strain. Therefore, anything that you can do to make your heart healthier is very important. One of the best ways to improve heart health (besides exercising) is through good diet. There are plenty of low-cholesterol diets out there to pick from, so if you are older yourself or if you know someone who is, look into one of them.

High-Calcium Is Important:
Typically, we place a high emphasis on telling younger people to drink milk and get calcium to improve their bones and muscle. However, we don’t place nearly as much emphasis on getting older people to get a lot of calcium, even though we should. As people age, their bones lose density which makes injuries a lot more common. This is where calcium can be really helpful. However, at the same time, elderly people shouldn’t just start loading up cheese and milk because those are filled with fat and cholesterol. Instead, elderly people should start including calcium supplements in their diet.

Look for Alternative Protein Sources:
Protein is important for everyone since it is key for building and maintaining muscle. Since older people’s muscles atrophy at an even greater rate, it is even more important for them to get lots of protein. However, traditional sources of protein like red meat and eggs can be really bad for older people. This is why it is good to find other sources of protein like beans, healthy fish, etc.

Manage Portion Size Carefully:
Being overweight is never good for one’s health, but it is even more damaging for older people. Older people struggle to lose weight and the negative health effects of being overweight are amplified because they are older. This is why older people should strictly manage their portion size. Bad portion sizes are one of the main causes of people being overweight. Likewise, older adults should avoid behavior that can lead to overeating, such as eating in front of the television (this causes overeating because you get lost watching a show and it makes easy to lose track of what you’ve eaten already).