Getting old doesn’t mean slowing down. There are many things you can do to promote an active lifestyle and stay healthy far into your golden years. Here are three simple changes you can make to get on track to a better you.

1 Cut Out Soda:

Soda is often called “empty calories” because a single can will contain upwards of 250 calories. Not to mention it could contain as many as 40 grams of carbs and sugar. That definitely contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle and can lead to weight issues and even problems with blood sugar. So, if you consume soda: stop!

In addition, work to cut out other empty calories in your diet. This generally includes processed foods, like cookies, chips, and so on. While everything is alright in moderation, you’ll do best if you cut these things out and instead incorporate wholesome and tasty foods. If you do, you’ll end up feeling better and more satiated.

2 Sleep More:

As we age, we need more sleep in order to properly recuperate at the end of each day. So, always follow the sleep guidelines and get plenty of rest at the end of every night. The last thing you want is to feel tired and grumpy all day when you could be out and active. If you do feel tired, don’t be afraid to take naps. In fact, naps have been shown to be very beneficial at every age.

3 Stay Active:

Staying active is one of the best things you can do for your health as you age. Staying active will help ward off joint pain and sickness, plus it will help you maintain your independence. If an activity is difficult for you to do, trade it in for a low-impact activity that you enjoy. Golfing is a great example but you might also choose water aerobics or even yoga.

The point is to find something that you enjoy doing that will help you stay mobile for years to come. Mix things up too and never be afraid to try something new.