Incisions of the coronary heart
he places his hand upon my face
and wipes away my tear
he no longer desires to be close to me
he’d as a substitute distance himself from dedication
his worst fear
it annoys me that what we’ve had gained’t closing
that all my attempt has ended in disarray
that every morsel and fibres of me has been ripped aside
it hurts a lot, my coronary heart
i desired to protect it no longer harm it
nothing may be the identical
we will no longer continue to be as we are
leaves an indelible scale
certain matters will trigger the memory of this mark
all the time torn aside

Appreciating snapshots
i wanted to be somebody else
couldn’t just be myself
however it in no way made me glad
rather drove me to tears
but transferring on i found the strength to accept who i’m
it’s critical which you do what you could
to show appreciation for those who make an effort
forget this at your peril
human beings will stroll away
but what topics are those who live even through a bad day
they care
they aren’t hesitant to show this
they make certain which you understand it
consider in your self and in others who take some time out of their very own lives
and show their affection for you in any manner

sing alongside
drink up
we’ve got the entire night ahead of us
where we will simply forget all the small things
and experience ourselves
it makes the arena of a distinction to unwind
step away from the relaxation of time
it doesn’t depend what we do
just enjoying life with those who remember
those who convey us laughter
to comfort when in darkness