HELT ENKELT! Blir man många gånger lika besviken på KISS, att dom ger ut en ny för vilken gång?
I ordningen en samlings skiva! Suck, nog borde dom kunna ge ut nytt material för sina trogna fans, tror jag köper en Beatles cd istället…..


A wellspring of blood
Washes the room
In red torment
As the blood streams
Energy uplifted
A slaughter in your front room
The windows misty and
Secured with a stream of red
The aroma of a lady”s dread
Your mom”s trembling stops
You thought to have done it right
The primary go through
Scattered trail of fragile living creature and bone
Once looking like a living thing
His handfull of fireworks
A heavy hammer and a grin
Has anybody seen the feline?
Calamitous outcomes
Denied by the individuals who encompass
Basic bundle
Dangerous End
Self observer on the front page
Hooded and undercover
Astound goes blast
What”s more, he gets distributed
As though we require another thousand pages
Of horse crap
That is the reason we have history books
Trust it or not
I”m feeling elated
I never thought I could be without so
I look down and see
I”m falling quick
Try not to give me a chance to catch you giggling at my burial service
You brutalized my heart
Made me feel inert
My fantasies of you hanging
Swinging on a rope on a tree in my yard
Your manhandle endless
Cold, unforgiving
Rebuffing me gradually
I”ll take it out on you with a whiskey
Decent downy
Huge jeans
Dogging me for my tight pants
My hello there tops
My Slayer shirt
What”s more, you tune in to an indistinguishable poo from me
I don”t kickbox
I don”t windmill
Giggling at my long hair
ll never get it
Metal will be Metal regardless
What confront it wears