“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand.” – Pat Parelli

“A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart and wins with his character.” – Tesio

“I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse.” – John Galsworthy

“In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens.” – Jodie Mitchell

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” – Pam Brown

“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.” – Winston Churchill

“The essence of Horse Spirit is freedom. It is a noble and resilient force, with limitless energy at its core.” ― Lawren Leo

“You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That’s what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder, ‘What can heaven offer any better than what I have here on earth?’ “ Monica Dickens

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.” – Toni Robinson

“One must think when looking at a horse in motion, that he hears music inside his head.”

This is one of the beautiful quotes about horse that poetically capture the physical beauty of these creatures.

“He’s of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger…. he is pure air and fire, and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.” ― William Shakespeare

“And indeed, a horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders. No one will tire of looking at him as long as he will display himself in his splendor.” -Xenophon

“There is a touch of divinity even in brutes, and a special halo about a horse, that should forever exempt him from indignities.” – Herman Melville

“Ask me to show you poetry in motion and I will show you a horse.”

“I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man than the outside of the horse.” – Ronald Reagan

“No heaven can heaven be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.”

“The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.”

“In the end, we don’t know what horses can do. We only know that when, over the past thousands of years, we have asked something more of them, at least some of them have readily supplied it.” – Jane Smiley

“I don’t like people,” said Velvet. I only like horses.” ― Enid Bagnold

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.– Arabian Proverb

“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.” — Ronald Duncan

”A dog looks up to a man. A cat looks down on a man. But a patient horse looks a man in the eye and sees him as an equal.”​​

“A dog may be man’s best friend, but the horse wrote history.”

“For a human to win, it is not necessary for a horse to lose. You should not have to take things away from a horse or break him into fragments in order to train him; rather you should add to the horse. The goal should be making, not breaking. – Cherry Hill

“If your horse says “no”, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong.” – Pat Parelli

Horses, like humans, live in herds, enjoying the company of the other fellows. These quotes about horse tell us how we have a lot of similarities with these beasts, some of them not outright obvious.

“The horse, a creature that lives in a herd, reminds us that we are not alone and that we should not alienate others.” ― Lawren Leo

“When the Almighty put hoofs on the wind and a bridle on the lightning, He called it a horse.”

“The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you got on. It is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible, the change is for the better.”

“To place your horse’s need for you to let him leave his failing body above your need to keep him with you – that – is the greatest and purest love.” – Cynthia Garrett

“The horse moved like a dancer, which is not surprising. A horse is a beautiful animal, but he is perhaps most remarkable because he moves as if he always hears music.” – Mark Helprin

“From horses, we may learn not only about the horse itself but also about animals in general, indeed about ourselves and about life as a whole.” ― George Gaylord Simpson


If you want some hilarious quotes about horses to keep the humor up, check these funny horse quotes that are witty and induce giggles.

“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.” – W.C. Fields

“Those who get in the way of love’s path will be kicked by horses.” – Kyoya

“Stay away from a horse long enough and you’ll start tapping your fingers to the beat of a trot.”

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him participate in synchronized diving.” ― Cuthbert Soup

“The way to whistle for a horse is to purse your lips together loosely, blowing moderately hard and sing “Whee-oo! Whee-oo! Whee-oo!” in a high-pitched voice. Try it. You can do it.” ― Mildred Armstrong Kalis

More amazing quotes about horse for you to fall in love with them if you haven’t already!

Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.

“A stupid mule is still smarter than a good horse or a bad man.” ― Ursula Vernon

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” ― Adlai E. Stevenson

“It takes a good deal of physical courage to ride a horse. This, however, I have. I get it at about forty cents a flask, and take it as required.” – Stephen Leacock

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

“Love is a word the English don’t use except when they talk about their horses and dogs.” ― Clifford Thurlow

“People on horses look better than they are. People in cars look worse than they are.” – Marya Mannes

“Being born in a stable does not make one a horse.” – Duke of Wellington

“There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humor and the other is patience.” – John Lyons

“When I hear somebody talk about a horse or cow being stupid; I figure it’s a sure sign that the animal has somehow outfoxed them” ― Tom Dorrance

“The only time some people work like a horse is when the boss rides them.” – Gabriel Heatter

“I have no objection to anyone’s sex life as long as they don’t practice it in the street and frighten the horses.” – Oscar Wilde

“A camel may be a horse designed by a committee, but a horse was designed by a woman.” ― Chloe Thurlow

“The right to buck off a human being is one of the universal rights of horses” ― Lara Prior-Palmer

“But what truly horsey girls discover in the end is that boyfriends, husbands, children, and careers are the substitute-for horses” ― Jane Smiley

“Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business.” – Franklin P. Jones

“Date someone who spoils you loves you respects you, and never questions how much you spend on your horses.” 

“A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment.” ― Prince Philip

“You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” – Will Rogers

“Horse smell is the same the world over” ― Lara Prior-Palmer

“Horses frighten me as much as chickens do,’ he said. ‘That is too bad, because lack of communication with horses has impeded human progress,’ said Abrenuncio. ‘If we ever broke down the barriers, we could produce the centaur.” ― Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Nestor beckoned to me and I dismounted with care. I handed the reins to the boy with thanks. I do not wish to see that hard-charging bag of bones again unless it is in my soup.” ― Tamora Pierce

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” – Ovid


Want to keep things short and sweet? Don’t worry. These short quotes about horses are powerful enough to capture all the emotions you want to express.

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” – Winston Churchill

“On the back of a horse, you will find Paradise.” – Stella A. Walker

“A horse in the wind – a perfect symphony.”

“A good horse should be seldom spurred.” – Thomas Fuller

“His hooves pound the beat, your heart sings the song.” –  Jerry Shulman

“A woman never looks better than on horseback.” – Jane Austen

“Riding never gets easier. You just get better.”

“A man in a passion rides a mad horse.” – Benjamin Franklin

“A horse is as mighty as its rider.” ― Sheikha Hissa Hamdan Al Maktoum

“A good horse makes short miles.” – George Eliot

“Wild horses wouldn’t draw it from you?” ― Stevenson, Robert Louis

“Honor lies in the mane of a horse.” — Herman Melville

“It’s a lot like nuts and bolts – if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts!” –Nicholas Evans

“To ride a horse is to ride the sky.”

“A bad ride is much better than a good walk.” – J. Peter Grace

“The horse is a reflection of the rider’s ability.” – Ray Hunt

“Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.” – Virginia Woolf

“A horse is an angel without wings.”

“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” — William Shakespeare

“Employers are like horses — they require management.” ― P.G. Wodehouse

“I’d rather ride on a Mustang, than in one.” – BaileyAnn Neal

“A horse is worth more than riches.” – Spanish Proverb

“Around the world, your horse is often seen as a reflection of your character.” ― Lara Prior-Palmer

“The horse is a mirror to your soul.” – Buck Brannaman

“A horse is wonderful by definition.” — Piers Anthony

“My horses are my friends, not my slaves.” —Reiner Klimke

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” – Alice Walker

“You occasionally see one, and it’s the thrill of a lifetime. But mostly all you ever see is a cloud of dust after they are gone. It’s their stubborn ability to survive that makes them so remarkable.” — Velma Johnston 

“He doth nothing but talk of his horse.” —William Shakespeare

“The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse.”

“It is the horse’s gift to connect us with Heaven and our own footsteps.” – Ronni Sweet

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.

W.C. Fields

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. 

Winston Churchill

I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse.

Ronald Reagan

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.

John Wayne

A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand.

Pat Parelli

I’d rather ride on a Mustang, than in one.

BaileyAnn Neal

No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.

Author Unknown

For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.

Melissa James

Horses lend us the wings we lack.

Pam Brown

A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger then a man on foot.

John Steinbeck

A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart, And wins with his character.


I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse.

John Galsworthy

A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.

Rebecca Carroll

There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.

Rolf Kopfle

We have almost forgotten how strange a thing it is that so huge and powerful and intelligent an animal as a horse
should allow another, and far more feeble animal, to ride upon its back.

Peter Gray

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens.

Jodie Mitchell

The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.

Author Unknown

No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.

Herman Melville

One can get in a car and see what man has made. One must get on a horse to see what God has made.

Author Unknown

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.

Sharon Ralls Lemon