How Funny You Talk

No book in the world has been so misjudged as the Bible. Men judge it without reading it. Or perhaps they read a bit here and a bit there, and then close it saying, “It is so dark and mysterious!” You take a book, now-a-days, and read it. Some one asks you what you think about it. “Well,” you say, “I have only read it through once, not very carefully, and I should not like to give an opinion.

” Yet people take up God’s book, read a few pages, and condemn the whole of it. Of all the skeptics and infidels I have ever met speaking against the Bible, I have never met one who read it through. There may be such men, but I have never met them. It is simply an excuse. There is no man living who will stand up before God and say that kept him out of the kingdom. It is the devil’s work trying to make us believe it is not true, and that it is dark and mysterious. The only way to overcome the great enemy of souls is by the written Word of God. He knows that, and so tries to make men disbelieve it.

As soon as a man is a true believer in the Word of God, he is a conqueror over Satan. Young man! the Bible is true. What have these infidels to give you in its place? What has made England but the open Bible? Every nation that exalteth the Word of God is exalted, and every nation that casteth it down is cast down. Oh, let us cling close to the Bible. Of course, we shall not understand it all at once. But men are not to condemn it on that account. Suppose I should send my little boy, five years old, to school tomorrow morning, and when he came home in the afternoon, say to him, “Willie, can you read? can you write? can you spell? Do you understand all about Algebra, Geometry; Hebrew, Latin, and Greek?” “Why, papa,” the little fellow would say, “hew funny you talk. I have been all day trying to learn the A B C!” Well; suppose I should reply, “If you have not finished your education, you need not go any more.” What would you say? Why, you would say, I had gone mad.

There would he just as much reason in that, as in the way that people talk about the Bible. My friends, the men who have studied the Bible for fifty years–the wise men and the scholars, the great theologians–have never got down to the depths of it yet. There are truths there that the Church of God has been searching out for the last eighteen hundred years, but no man has fathomed the depths of that ever-living stream.

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