It’s one of the most disheartening things anyone can deal with. You step onto the scale and it doesn’t budge–maybe it’s even climbed a little since you last looked. Perhaps you look in the mirror and you don’t see a difference. You might even compare a photo next to one from some weeks ago and you look identical! Worse yet, your clothes still fit the same…Why aren’t you seeing noticeable results?

Some people see the scale move but everything else looks like they did multiple pounds ago. Other times, the scale won’t tick but their clothes are loser. Others still see a change in measurements but can’t see a difference in the mirror. Welcome to the world of weight loss! If you’re frustrated and confused, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Weight loss is by no means linear, and that makes for a very confusing and frustrating fitness journey.

When most people first start making substantial changes to their diet or lifestyle, they are surprised with a quick drop on the scale. Usually, this is water weight and perhaps a small amount of fat loss. But, with time, they notice that their weight loss has slowed down or perhaps isn’t happening at all. Some bodies are hold-outs that take weeks to drop a pound.

There is no set time period when you’re going to see results. It all comes down to your starting point and what all you’re doing to try and reach your goal. For instance, most severely overweight people will actually find it easier to lose weight at the start of the journey. But, as they near their goal, the progress slows down significantly. This is expected.

What you need to do as you lose weight is continue to increase your physical activity as you decrease your caloric intake to match your body’s changing needs. You also need to keep your macronutrients and water intake in check to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs to lose weight.

Finally, remember that most people who are losing fat are also gaining muscle. This won’t necessarily make you “bulk” up, but it will tone you up. That results in less flabby, tighter, more defined legs, arms, and face. The scale might not show a difference, but your photos and measurements will with time.
Keep at it and you will change.