Strength training, which is otherwise known as resistance training, focuses on building muscles and strengthening the bones by use of resistance to muscular contraction. If you’re looking to keep fit and have a muscular physique, then strength training is definitely something you have to incorporate into your workout routine.

Strength training is also a practice that can be used to improve one’s overall quality of life. It has positive effects in many parts of a person’s body like the heart, muscles, and bones. Additionally, it’s a major contributor to weight and calorie loss.

It Makes You Strong and Keeps You Fit:
Strength training keeps you strong and fit by building muscle mass. This might not seem like a huge benefit to people only looking to lose weight. However, when you have more strength, you’d be able to start doing things that you could not do previously. For example, you’ll be able to carry heavier items without hurting your back.

Helps to Improve Self-Esteem:
A person who does strength training exercises regularly also builds their self-esteem. This is because a fit and healthy body goes hand in hand with what people see as good looking.

It Helps Prevent Diseases:
Regular strength training helps keep blood sugars low, circulate blood, is effective in weight loss, and also keeps the bones strong as well as build bone density. All this goes a long way in preventing diseases such and diabetes and acts as medication for pain caused by arthritis. 

Decreased Stress:
The benefits of strength training are not only physical but also translate to the mental side. Strength training helps to reduce stress and even depression as the brain produces more endorphins, which make one feel good. The feeling of doing something for oneself helps in stress reduction and causes stress to reduce. As it was said before, strength training helps to improve self-esteem and in doing so, also helps in reducing stress.

Strength Training Helps in Body Balance and Body Mechanics:
More than just giving your body good muscle tone, strength training helps improve a person’s balance and body posture. As you get older, your muscle mass tends to loosen and reduce. Strength training assists in building and maintaining muscle mass at any age which also helps in maintaining body balance and coordination.

For those who think that strength training can only be done in gyms using expensive machines, I’m here to tell you that you can do strength training exercises from the comfort of your own home. Pushups, squats, and sits ups are all examples of strength training exercises that one can do at home. Jogging, mountain climbing, and hiking are also strength training exercises that one can do. Whether young, old, male, or female, strength training is something everyone should consider.